woensdag 2 september 2015

Famous soccer

On the highway I see a luxury sports car; he drives with a higher speed than is allowed in the direction of Dordrecht. I drive behind him, the distance between the car and me is constant and the clock speed is 96 mph (155 km/u). After adjustment is it 88 mph (142 km/u). On the highway is 62 mph allowed (100 km/u). In other words, he drove 28 mph too fast (42 km/u). Guess what, that's not allowed in the Netherlands.

When the merger of the two national highways, near Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, I ride alongside the said vehicle and I give the driver a sign to follow me. The man with a brown face and dark sunglasses looks at me and makes a gesture with his head "what do you want?" I point again that he must follow me, but he remains on the lane for driving straight ahead. That wasn't what I wanted, so I decided to gently reduce the speed to force him to follow me. Yes, that works and I see that he is gesturing with his arms; he has clearly no sense to talk with me. He is following me and I drove to the parking of a gas station.

Before I got the chance to identify myself as police officer, he gets out his car and starts to nag against me that I must drive normally. I explain that I was very clear with my instructions that I gave him. I ask his driver license; he told me that he can't show his driver license. I told him that he got a fine for exceeding the speed limit and that I must see an identification document.

The arrogance dripping from his face off, it's clear that he wants nothing to do with a police officer. I ask his name, but apparently was this question a weird one, because he is amazes. "Do you know who I am?" was his answer. I told him that I have no idea who he is. Again he asks me if I really do not know who he is. His bad attitude irritates me, so I tell him that I will arrest him if he not tells who he is. He says, "I'm Mr. X from soccer club X, do not you know me?” My answer is; “My name is Piet Kats, do you know me?” He looks at me with a surprised face, but a few seconds later he yells angry that I try to be funny and suchlike.

I request via the radio to check the details of the driver. I tell my colleague also that Mr. X claims he is a famous soccer. My colleague on the police station asks if he really the 'the' Mr. X is, "It's possible, but I don't know him" was my answer. Mr. X shows again his bad attitude. However, this time has he two choices; the easy way or the hard way. He understands that he has no chance to win this game, so he decided to follow me to the police station. On the phone he yells to his girlfriend; "Bring my *** driver license to the police station!"
What a jerk... I mean; how he treated his girlfriend is not normal in my opinion. But okay, an hour later the girlfriend came and I give Mr. X a fine. It’s sad, but some Dutch celebrities think they can do anything without consequences; they are in daily life probably rarely contradicted in their function, even not by a police officer. However, their biggest nightmare is when you do not recognize them.

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